• "Do I have to be a member of religious clergy or have any religious affiliation (i.e. current minister, pastor, etc.)?"

    Nope! Anyone can become a Wedding Officiant and perform a marriage as long as they register with a non-denominational institution such as Universal Life Church.

  • "Can I keep my regular 9-5 job and still become a Wedding Officiant?"

    Absolutely! I personally still work my 9-5 corporate job and do weddings on the weekends. It's a great side hustle!

  • "Do you offer payment plans for the course?"

    Unfortunately we don't offer payment plans at this time. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a very lucrative endeavor and the course will pay for itself with your first booked wedding!

  • "How much can I make as a Wedding Officiant?"

    This varies depending on your city and state but the national average for the cost of a Wedding Officiant to perform one wedding is $500-$800.

  • "How and where do you advertise so couple's can find you?"

    There’s a very popular wedding website that engaged couples use for all of their planning needs, it’s called theknot.com. The Knot allows vendors (i.e. photographers, florists, wedding officiants, etc.) to set up vendor profiles on the Knot's website - these are essentially paid virtual storefronts. You pay by geographical area you want to advertise in. So if a couple is searching for a Wedding Officiant in NYC (because that’s where they’re getting married), and that’s where you’re paying to advertise through the Knot, then the couple will see you as an option and have the ability to contact you. There are obviously other traditional ways of advertising your services but the Knot is the most efficient and cost effective in my opinion and they make it super simple for vendors.

  • "Are there any requirements to becoming a Wedding Officiant?"

    Nope! All you need are some good people skills and the ability to speak in front of a crowd.

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